Los Angeles is not just about the glamorous upscale community residing there and massive skylines filled with towering buildings, it is also about the best natural landscapes that make this city vibrant and serene for its audience. Los Angeles is filled with mountains and beaches for all the travelers to come and have a vacation vibe.  The city has plentiful of options that locate them to the view of both hills and oceans around. Before visiting the city and picking one location over another know about what each one of its habitats.


The city occupies amazing mountain peaks that are known for its outstanding view. The two mountains you must not miss in the city are:

1.       Topanga State Park: This amazing mountainous range is a part of the Santa Monica mountains and resides over the vegetative and the natural system. It also occupies the best of the natural surprises and, makes the place breathable. It also occupies the world’s largest wildland boundaries and makes it up to the best scenic views of the overlooking water bodies and the huge range of the relaxing shaded oak groves. It offers hiking on Eagle rock and the skull rock.

2. Ascot Hills: This is one of the most prominent meetings and hiking point preferred by the visitors for a short hiking and trailing experience. Once you reach the top you will remain stunned by the views of the skyline on both sides. the aerial view is provided access to the whole of the downtown and the Catalina Island. You will be able to see the San Gabriel Mountains, the Hollywood Hills, and on clear days, San Jacinto and San Gorgonio. What more do you want? Don’t even think to miss the spot and have a good amount of time spend in this place.


If you are in LA then you just can’t miss the moments spent on the beaches. There are over 69 beaches in the city, and one is more popular than the other. You can easily spot the celebrities having cozy moments with their family and friends in any of the beaches. The stretch of the incredible coastline makes this city one of the most vibrant surprise. Here are the best beaches that you can’t miss experiencing:

1.    El Matador State Beach: This is one of the most famous beaches that is normally known for its amazing romantic endeavors. It is very photogenic and is known to feature the rugged landscapes that define the soothing landscapes, blue water around and the enchanting sunsets that make the place heavenly. This is a perfect spot to fall in love or to accept your love for someone. You can also have sailing and snorkeling here.

2.     Santa Monica State Beach: If you are looking for an offbeat beach that is having a party all days and carnivals all nights than this is the place to be. No Los Angeles trip is complete without seeing the Santa Monica Pier. This place gives away volleyball teams and outstanding sports that make strangers friends for a lifetime. It has both mountains and the beaches view allowing the sunsets to sparkle some more.  

Before setting your last minute deals to Los Angeles you must plan in a way that you don’t have to choose anyone from the mountains and the beaches. Both places are equally divine and make it up for the best of vacation near to nature and its surprises.