New York definitely has that charm of calling travelers from different parts of the globe. The always mesmerizing, magnetic, and vibrant NYC is surely on the top of the travel itinerary list of majorities of travel goers who like to explore the Big Apple at least once in their lifetime.

But being a first-timer is not that simple in NYC. Of course, you might have traveled the whole world except that for the city that never sleeps. Additionally, you might have an idea to book New York flights at discounted rates through Tripiflights.

However, being an amateur in New York simply means having that necessary information and skills with you to travel the city deep down inside. This means we bring you here some of the things need to keep in mind while on an NYC excursion either alone or in the company of near one.

  • Subway is the Lifeline of New York: The astonishing and city symbol yellow colored taxis surely engage your attention at a first glance. However, the fare is not so inexpensive as you might think. Therefore, better to learn the basic etiquette of Subway or metro line that takes you through far corners of the city in a pocket-friendly manner. Remember, there is no shame in traveling via public transportation as the majority part of the city utilize the same on a daily basis.
  • Do Not Get Involved with Subway Performers: When it comes to travel through Subway, street performers showing their skill inside a metro is a common phenomenon. But, dare not to get involved in them especially if you are new to the city.
  • Expect a Small Room Size: This is like all that glitters is certainly not gold. It applies directly to the hotel rooms you might have seen in pictures that appear so spacious and big. In reality, most of the budget hotels of the region are relatively small in size with a basic set of amenities inside.
  • Celebrities on the Run: There is no doubt in saying the fact that Los Angeles is the workplace of many celebrities. So, New York is home of many. This means, strolling around the streets of NYC or visiting waterfront early in the morning might let you encounter any famous celebrity. This seems like a common phenomenon of the city and does not rush to the actor or actress for a quick autograph. The paparazzi itself has given enough living space to all the NYC actor and actresses.
  • Staying Around Times is Expensive: Times Square is outstanding the way it appears in the pictures. The lively central area of the city is also home of many lodgings and star properties. But this does not mean staying there just for the sake of a vibrant environment. Hotels are expensive near Times Square and the better approach is to stay anywhere else but here.

Once followed the tips to hover around the streets of NYC will make you a definite pro. Walk with full confidence and appear more like a true native of the city.