A city that does not have a pause button placed anywhere in its periphery, New York City (NYC) is a role model for most of the world’s developing cities. It is no brainer that you will find limitless places and attractions in New York City (NYC).

We are going to list out some of the secret places in NYC that are must-visit.

  • Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal

Secret places are not always underground; they find their ways to sit right at the top of your imagination once you visit them. The ‘Whispering Gallery” is located nearby the famous Oyster Restaurant & Bar on the Grand Central Terminal dining concourse. The secret here is that acoustics of the low ceramic arches can create a whisper to sound like noise

Here is how you can test it out

  1. You and your partner will have to stand at opposite ends of the famous archway.
  2. Start whispering in front of the corner and your partner will be able to hear your sound as if you were standing right next to him/her.
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  • Rockefeller Center Roof Gardens

Rockefeller Center is one of NYC’s most recognized attractions. It is known as a ‘city within a city’ thanks to its unprecedented design, concepts, and grandeur.

The secret about this majestic center is its oasis which sits at the 620 Loft and Gallery.  This iconic space offers views of decorated St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Much to the displeasure of you, the multifunctional space is not accessible to the public.

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  • The High Bridge

Dating back to 1848, the ‘High Bridge’ is the oldest bridge in NYC. While much of NYC’s landscape is flattened, some unexposed glacier-carved sites still exist in Manhattan. You can approach the ‘High Bridge’ to see bedrocks lying for centuries. The bridge offers a vast historic spectrum to lure generations of tourists, but it seems to be far from happening any time soon.

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  • The Bowling Alley, Henry C. Frick Collection Museum

Art lovers cannot resist themselves if they are told about Frick collection. The museum is famous for some of the best European art collections. With around one and half a dozen galleries on display, Frick collection is one of the best places to find classic art.

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  • City Hall Station

Much like the NYC, the first subway station called the ‘City Hall Station’ has several layers, each of which boasts its stupendous history. Operations at the station were abandoned and it was supposed to offer a lot to the people through its underground spaces. Although there are not enough opportunities for you to visit the 115-year old station, you can catch a glimpse of it if you remain in the downtown 6 as it terminates at the downtown for the uptown network.

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