Looking for an exciting summer vacation with your family? California’s Los Angeles is the place to go! Los Angeles may be a year-round tourist destination, but summer rules the hearts of a good number of tourists visiting the city. While it is overwhelming to be someone else for a night on Halloween parties or celebrating Christmas on cold winter nights, there is a lot to do in summer with refreshing nights and long-lasting days.

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From a day out at breathtaking beaches to rediscovering Hollywood, the wealth of Los Angeles adventures and entertainment in summer is no secret. With amazing summertime pool parties and spectacular movie screening, Los Angeles is bound to account for a quintessential summer vacation.

Here are top-rated 5 things you should do during summer in Los Angeles:

  • Take A Glimpse at Sunset

There is hardly a better site to watch than staring at nature joining hands with a man-made creation to amaze you. A summer evening in Los Angeles offers an opportunity for you to take a glimpse at sunset from Western Hemisphere’s tallest open-air bar. Located at the 73rd story of the InterContinental hotel, Spire 73 offers a 360-degree city view and a must-watch sunset. You can have cocktails, bar bites, and sweets to compliment your stay at the iconic site. The entry fee of the bar is $10 per person daily and $20 on Friday & Saturday post 8 pm.

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  • Snap at the Hollywood Bowl

It is not hyperbolic to say that Los Angeles is a synonym to Hollywood. Los Angeles is home to prolonged concerts and gorgeous movie screenings. Rates as one of the best live music venues in the United States, this amphitheater guarantees an unforgettable experience. Enjoy food and wine here while you have unique performances and displays. That’s not all, get there early to enjoy a snap in one of the Bowl’s 14 wonderful picnic areas. Some sections of these beautiful picnic sites open as early as four hours before the commencement of the show.

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  • Magical Afternoon in Santa Monica

While we are obsessed with refreshing night parties and displays in Los Angeles, spending an afternoon in Santa Monica is second to nothing. With amazing mountains on one side to a stunning beach on another, Santa Monica’s unbeatable experience is just what you need to make your family vacation a lifetime experience. Santa Monica sits in the lap of the nature featuring eucalyptus and palm-lined cliffs to offer an unthinkable view for its visitors. Santa Monica offers so much to its tourists including dinner, beach activities, and several other options to have fun.

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Los Angeles is a 365-day holiday destination that no tourist would want to ignore. Things become more exciting when you talk about a family vacation in summer. There are several things to do on a vacation in Los Angeles in summer but these there are must a try. Get more of these worthy places as you opt for budget-friendly plane tickets to Los Angeles on Tripiflights.