Los Angeles needs no introduction! This city is one of the most populated and prosperous in the world with the best of amenities and the perfect blend of culture, cuisines, and traditions. The museums of Los Angles are amazingly unnatural because they are the souvenirs of the city’s real heritage. They collect the gems of the city’s best vibes:

Here are some of the most offbeat museums that make this a city a unique experience to endeavor:

  • Hammer Museum: This amazing offbeat museum is founded by Industrialist Armand Hammer in 1990 to showcase his own collection and it opened in just three weeks before he died. This museum now has fascinating shows of modern art, photography, and design with an emphasis on local artists. There are free lectures, concerts and screenings happening all day long for the visitors.
  • Griffith Museum: Los Angeles visit is just not over until you visit the immensely popular hilltop landmark to see the Los Angeles city twinkling below your eyes from an aerial view. The exhibits have everything including a Foucault pendulum Tesla coil and planetarium show with a 12-inch refracting telescope on the roof, otherwise you can look through the far less crowded modern, reflecting telescope on the front lawn.
  • Petersen Automotive Museum: This is an automotive history museum that has been designed into a high-tech gallery with over 150 cars on display. It is designed expressly for the benefit of drivers, and so a former department store makes an apt home for this museum of car culture. It highlights the rise of car culture in Southern California and focuses on the progress, dominance and dazzling good looks of the automobile. From the well-known Hollywood cars to swooping vintage vehicles and high-performance supercars.
  • Getty Villa: Getty Villa is a decade tensive art collection that is preserved since 1997, the Getty Center opened. The result is a remarkable complex of travertine and white metal-clad pavilions that houses ornate French furniture, recognizable Impressionist pieces, and rotating exhibitions. It houses various rare collections of antiques. Also, visitors can get free entry into the panoramic views of the hills and the ocean in the west.
  • Hollywood Museum: This is one of the most amazing Museums for all Hollywood lovers. It holds an extensive collection of historic Hollywood movies and top Hollywood Attractions such as movie and TV Industry studio-specific exhibits. It also has to define studio sets that includes:  Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros and Paramount Studios, the Hollywood Museum’s collection and lot more showcasing specific personalities or movies in temporary exhibits.

There are a lot to know and explore Los Angeles and these museums are a great source of inspiration for all the travelers coming to this glittery city to spend a few days knowing the unknown. These museums never fail to surprise. Book your Los Angeles flights and explore the best of beauty and see the facts for yourself in Los Angeles museums that never fails to surprise anyone any day!