Los Angeles the entertaining city is really like what you have known for all these years. A celebrity land full of movies studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, traffic, natural beauty, museums, nightlife, and so on.

For years Los Angeles is the central spectrum of entertainment for movie buffs spreading in different parts of the globe. Hollywood sign being the focal point of the city and the famous Beverly Hills what attract the attention of millions all around the year.

You know it all about Los Angeles city, must have seen in movies or read about the same here and there.

But, what you might not aware of are these 10 facts about Los Angeles that we like to showcase you here and let you feel astonished and completely surprised.

So, let’s start the countdown…

Interesting Facts

1. Appealing Nicknames

Los Angeles alone is not the only name of the city. It is also denoted with fascinating terms including, ‘The City of Angeles’, ‘Angel Town’, ‘La La Land’, ‘Tinsel Town’, ‘The Big Orange’, ‘City of Flowers & Sunshine’, and ‘LA’.

2. The Land of Museums, Theatres

You will not believe the fact that Los Angeles is an extravagant city of art and artwork. Best displayed inside 105 museums, 225 theaters, and 55 world’s best architectural structures.

3. Hold Summer Olympics Twice

Another interesting fact to know about Los Angeles as it is the only city to hold the summer Olympics twice.

4. First Movie Theatre

In 1902, opened the very first Tally’s Electric Theatre that was the very first in Los Angeles.

5. Land of Diverse Languages

Believe it or not, approximately 140 languages are spoken in Los Angeles. This happens due to the coming of a diverse range of travelers from different parts of the world and then settling here for a while.

6. Los Angeles was the Largest Oil Producer

Sin City was once the largest oil producer of the United States and making it helping hand in developing the whole city. At present, the city comes at third place in producing oil. 

7. Wearing Baggy Suit is a Crime in Los Angeles

If you ever wear a baggy suit in Los Angeles, then you will be arrested immediately on the context of being the racist attacker. This happened in 1943 when Zoot Suit Riot took place when a group of men wearing a baggy suit attacked people on behalf of racism. Later, Los Angeles banned the status of wearing such suits which is still prevailing till date.

8. Licking a Toad in Los Angeles will take you to Jail

Yes, licking a toad in the city is illegal. This is because the act works as taking a drug which is completely prohibited in Los Angeles city.

9. San Francisco is Close to Los Angeles

Are you aware of the fact that Los Angeles and San Francisco keep coming 2.5 inches close to each other every single year?

10. Birthplace of Internet

If you are curious to know as to where started the internet first, then it is none other than Los Angeles.

Some more interesting facts related to Los Angeles keep on growing every now and then. Just experience it all once having airfare deals to Los Angeles and book tickets at a discounted price.