Visiting the sprawling city of Los Angeles on purpose is different for travelers. It all depends on the expectation you have from the glitzy and vibrant city filled with an exotic charm of Hollywood celebrities and numerous artists around.

It is a matter of no doubt that, the moment you see the gigantic sign of Hollywood and feel the cool breeze of Santa Monica Pier and Beach, from that moment onwards, you fall in love with the city.

Things Not to Miss in Los Angeles

Entertainment city of California is filled with an exhaustive list of things to do and spread over a large geographical area. So, exploring even half of the city is not possible for travelers looking forward to being there for a few days only.

No matter, if you have dropped at Los Angeles as a solo traveler, romantic couple or looking for a family vacation, there are some must places to visit in Los Angeles that is must-have deal for globe trekkers like you and me.

Here’s is my pick of top 10 things that one should not miss while in Los Angeles…

1. Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Being a beach lover myself, I cannot expect to leave this attraction of Los Angeles behind. Truly a marvelous shoreline of the Pacific Ocean which is nowhere to be found in the world. This is because of the fact that the beach has giant Ferris Wheels, 340 days of sunshine a year, 26-mile of bike path running parallelly to the ocean (biggest in the world), famous restaurants, easy access from Union Station, and of course a free outdoor excursion of the city.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

The iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame really gave me goosebumps looking at the same in videos and pictures. Now, my experience to walk down that dazzling 1.3 miles of Hollywood Walk of Fame is something inexpressible. Check out the gold-studded star on the ground with the name and sign of your favorite Hollywood celebrity here.

3. Zuma Beach

The very reason I have not mixed up this beach with Santa Monica & Venice Beach is because of Zuma Beach has its own set of identity. Quite a place for lonely and peaceseeking travelers, the beach is perfect to lie down on a beach chair or performing swimming while witnessing nature’s beauty all around.

4. Sunset Boulevard

While walking to the streets of Los Angeles unexpectedly I came across this place called Sunset Boulevard which is in fact, an interesting getaway to iconic Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Do not miss on this, if you like to explore Los Angeles deep down inside.

5. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Not being a true history buff, still tempted to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (it is basically free for visitors from Monday to Friday and from 3 pm to 5 pm). Inside the gigantic museum were numerous artefacts and exhibition of different countries and nations that I cannot describe in words. Visit here if you are looking for a free attraction in Los Angeles.

6. Oue Skyspace

I chose this place just to have a panoramic view of the whole dazzling city. Oue Skyspace is something not to be missed if you are looking to capture the memory of the city forever. The tallest observation deck of the city is on the 70th floor of the building.

7. Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory is something that I would recommend complimenting the art and humor of several artists of the equal sprawling city of Los Angeles. Stands ups and comedy acts are a real thing here that is best to witness for free as an entry (only if you buy two drinks per person).

8. Universal Studios

Taking must do a thing in Los Angeles into account, the tour of Universal Studios is must-have deal for moviegoer like me and I am sure you will love the most. Interesting movie sets, flying planes, and cars along with famous celebrities hovering here and there is a real treat to the eyes. Although not free to experience, still paying something for many things is a worthy investment.

9. Rodeo Drive

With having little intent to purchase designer and super expensive things and only to stroll around the Julia Robert’s famous made shopping street, Rodeo Drive is also must-have a deal for us. Private boutiques and designer stores are a real attraction of the street both for shopaholic and travelers.

10. Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

Getting away from metropolis charm in between for a while was necessary for me to attain that desire to look for more in Los Angeles. This was the reason I embarked on a journey to lush green Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park. Strategically on elevated Mount Hollywood, the area is filled with natural beauty, peace, and tranquility all around. Do come here to take a little break from the city’s exploration.

So, get ready to head towards the entertaining town of California once you book airline tickets to Los Angeles from a reliable travel partner like Tripiflights.