Los Angeles is a big city, and it is having a lot of reputation, both good and bad! But not all gossips about this place is true, therefore it is rightfully said that the ‘city is correctly misunderstood’! There are a lot of myths about Los Angeles that are common and generally worked upon in the minds of people or travelers. It’s not only the travelers that believe in the myths but there are many residents as well who don’t know much about the city and take the myths as facts. This myth might create some amount of misconception and could affect you while you book cheap flights to Los Angeles.

Here are the facts about Los Angeles that the city is generally misunderstood for:

1.       It Remains Sunny Throughout the Year

Los Angeles winter consists of both rain and sun. In the occasional rainy days or rainy weeks. From November to the mid of April the clouds take over the sky. It’s mostly changing due to the severe effects of climate change.

2.       The City Does Not Have A Culture

Los Angeles is the melting pot of community and it shows a lot of variation. It’s around the city and loves to celebrate its history. The city occupies the epic museum and the traditional art forms in its world-class galleries. It also inhabits various native communities who bring together classical music and theatre.

3.       Food Is Worst in The City

The whole of LA consists of the best Thai Town, to the Chinese food Alhambra and Monterey Park. There are also a huge number of establishments and meal in Los Angeles that is inspired by the age-old recipes. Most of the supermarkets and Farmers Markets are filled with the best coffee mixes. And there are great Mexican options as well. So, you need not worry about Food! It’s always fresh and delicious.

4.       The City Is Very Expensive

This is the most common perception because of the grand attractions like Hollywood and Disneyland but, it’s not expensive if you know how to save and where to be! The city consists of a lot of free places and attractions. Places like the Chinese American the museum, the Italian American Museum, and the LA Plaza de Culturas y Artes are all free. The Getty and the Science Center and a hike to the Hollywood Hills or Griffith Park cost nothing.  Also, all the beaches with the most amazing views are free and you can totally do some window shopping in Santa Monica because the experience it’s worth it and needs no extra bucks!

5.       You Have to Get A Car to Travel Within the City

No, it’s not the case the city has a great amount of public transport system and light rail system that is dedicated to the city. The transit options are growing rapidly, and you can also avail the shared cabs. There are ride-sharing options offered by various companies or simply you can take a car rental from Tripiflights.

The preconceived notions about Los Angeles is dominantly false, and most of them are misunderstanding and misconceptions about this amazing city. It’s always welcoming and exciting to visit a city that has it all for its visitors. Go and visit yourself and bust all the myths about this land!