Los Angeles is tempted, it’s sensational, glamorous, dazzling, and what not with the presence of Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Disneyland around. Plenty of places to visit and things to do in this favorable La La Land of Hollywood stars and movie geeks all around.

This is a place that draws the attention of millions from different parts of the globe and has those desired to be satiated visiting famous attractions of Los Angeles.

But fulfilling traveling yet entertaining desires in Los Angeles involves a great deal of cost and a wide budget. Of course, it is the lifestyle and Hollywood glamor of the city that speaks loudly. Best complemented by those famous boutiques and shops at Beverly Hills ideally known to be a hot shopping destination for celebrities.

So, if you think that exploring Los Angeles is completely out of hands within a limited budget, then you are mistaken. You need not be rich enough to see what this fascinating city has to offer. There are places and there are ways to get around the place either for free or at comparatively less price.

If you do not believe, then check out this one as to how to save money on Los Angeles trip.

Free Attractions of Los Angeles

  • Museums: LA has got plenty of museums including The Broad, Hammer Museum, Griffith Park, and the California Science Center. All the museums are spectacular in terms of portraying creative exhibits and sculptures. A common thing to find among all is free entry inside for all the travelers.
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  • Beaches: Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier are two extravagant free places to explore in Los Angeles. These attractions do not involve even a single penny cost on your part and let you travel for free any point of time.
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  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: Satiate the desire to walk down the famed street of Hollywood in Los Angeles without paying any charge for the same. Click magnificent pictures denoting at the star tile of favored superstar and receive numerous likes on Instagram feed.
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  • Mt. Hollywood Drive: Wander around the world-famous sign of Hollywood on a high rising mountain. Walk over to that elevated point to get your picture clicked at the moment and posted on social sites. Also, note the fact that Mt. Hollywood is a car-free zone.
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Getting around Los Angeles

  • Flyaway Bus: Getting out of Los Angeles International Airport towards the downtown could be an expensive ride if you hail a cab, car rental or the Uber service. Flyaway Bus is an ideal option to save overall cost on conveyance and reach the desired place in a matter of short time.
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  • Car Rental Service: Since Los Angeles is more of a car zone with maximum driving their own routes and public transportation is limited to the extent. Therefore, rent a car to visit favorable spots.
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Cheapest Foods to Try in Los Angeles

Trying different delicacies what Los Angeles has to offer is something you cannot miss. Still, small pocket size makes you think about limiting the options. Well, it is not what you think. The city is a marvelous staple of Mexican Food best available at food trucks hovering around the town. So, this means, you can have that delectable taco or any other dish at minimal cost and the taste has of no comparison to expensive dining at any 5-star restaurant.

So, now you can think of adding Los Angeles within travel bucket list as a whole lot of budget-saving options we have given to you. On top of that, flight deals to Los Angeles make further saving on overall booking made well in advance.