Los Angles is popularly a land of attractions and is filled with the most entertaining places on earth. It’s filled with oceans, beaches, hills, mountains and great observatory decks. A Los Angeles flights is mandatory for all to book and be a part of the best attractions coming your way. As a tourist, it inspires and accelerates the discovery and make every traveler proud to be a part of it!

From the extensive list of attractions here is the checklist to the things you must not miss o the trip:

1. Griffith Park and Observatory

Griffith Park is the Hilltop landmark located at the downtown attraction and hub that houses the Los Angeles zoo and lots of fun rides including the theatersplanetarium, observatory, golf course, etc. You can watch, meteor showers in the sky. It’s a place that showcases the twinkling lights in the open sky. The observatory will help you get the finest experience that you can gaze through the reflecting telescope. Also, you can witness one of its kind Tesla coil and a planetarium show. 

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·         Checklist to Follow: Hat, Water Bottle, And Good Shoes

Ø  Take a ride on the miniature train that will help you roam around the place. from10 am on an hourly basis!

Ø  Take a hiking experience inside, to reach the observatory deck in free!

Ø  It offers 53 miles of trailing network inside which will take you from museums to a lot of film memorabilia, caves, and parks.

Ø  Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as there’s a lot to explore within the observatory and zoo, so it requires a lot of walking throughout the Park, which means you should not get shoe bites and ruin all the fun.                

2. Universal Studios, Hollywood

Los Angeles is all about the glamour of Hollywood! This is the ultimate entertainment hub offering the widespread attraction for both adults and kids. The Hollywood Studios and the adventure it occupied can be easily captured by the fully functional movie studios like that of Harry porter, artist and various amazing things going on inside. You will get to see some of the celebs on sets as well. There are beautiful shopping and dining venues and hotels that define luxury in their own way! It’s all about rides, attractions, dining, shopping and a hell lot of entertainment

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·         Checklist to Follow: Sunscreen, Wipes, Sunglasses and Towels

Ø  Don’t forget Los Angeles is sunny and the park consists of long walks and it’s too bright to be handled. Carry a mini Sunscreen to guard your skin from sun rays.

Ø  Keeping yourself clean with the wipes and getting away from germs is a good thing.

Ø  Have your swimming costume and towel for Jurassic park and another water world.

3. Santa Monica Pier

For all the fun and thrill lovers, this is the destination to be in. It is considered as the focal point of Santa Monica Beach, that has everything from a famous Ferris wheel, aquarium, fairground games and a lot of colorful cotton candy stand. It is an Instagram worthy place and remains an eye candy for all those who are willing to visit. The Pier also offers a lot of outdoor films and music events. This place is also a shopaholics desire because of its hipper shops and vanity stores all around the boardwalk.

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Checklist to follow: Don’t forget your swimsuits and the underwater glasses

Ø  Carry a stylish dress or a charming bodysuit and bright accessories for the farmer are a market night out.

Ø  Also, carry a lock for your luggage storage.

There is no end to the best places to visit in Los Angeles! But no matter where you go, you should always maintain a checklist so that you can easily build a plan and be prepared for all conditions.