When we talk of New York as a business hub or the tourist destination, New York City (NYC), the largest city of the 27th largest state of the United States takes the Centre stage. New York City is nicknamed as “Big Apple” and has in store a plethora of attractions for its visitors. From Manhattan to business hubs and Liberty Island to Times Square, it has everything to mesmerize you on your visit to one of the most sought tourist destinations on the planet. Now that we have stated that New York is definitely worth a visit, we will let you know about the best place to book your air tickets to New York.

Air Tickets to New York

Let’s Find Out the Airports in New York

Trying to get a find yourself at the “Big Apple” to experience the ultimate joy? Before you log on to your computer to book air tickets to New York, you need to choose an airport first. The most populous city of the United States has three major airports: John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), and LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

JFK airport is located in Queens, approximately 18 miles southeast of New York City. It is the primary international airport of the NYC operating with eight terminals.  JFK airport is the 22nd busiest airport in the world and it offers all modern amenities such as retail shops, cafes, and bars. Newark Airport is situated close to New Jersey and is approximately 18 miles southwest of Manhattan. The LaGuardia finds itself just east of downtown New York City.

Take a Look at the Best Place to Book Air Tickets

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Places to Visit

While I can’t put all destinations into words here that the state of New York has to offer for a traveler, we will list out a few of them that must feature on your list when in New York.

  • Central Park: Central Park is an urban park sitting at the prime location of New York City, Manhattan. One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world is the fifth-largest park in NYC that covers an area of 843 acres. It is the most visited Urban Park in the country.
Air Tickets to New York
  • Times Square: Talking about a commercial hub? You can hardly find a place better than Times Square. It is the center of commercial activities, shopping, and overflowing entertainment.
Air Tickets to New York
  • Statue of Liberty: If there is one symbol out of many with which United States of America is associated around the globe, it is the Statue of Liberty. The copper statue is one of the most iconic monuments of the world with an ocean of historical values and references attached to it. The 93-meter tall statue was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.
Air Tickets to New York
  • Chinatown: Head to Chinatown to sink into authentic dim sums. There is no other place to look forward to if you are a foodie. Chinatown houses plenty of restaurants and outlets serving delicious Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian cuisines.
Air Tickets to New York