There are only a few places in the world that are not bitten by the dazzling bug of glamorous and glitzy Los Angeles. A sprawling city of California having that touch of Hollywood celebrities, movie screenings, beaches, and premiers are something not to miss and could be expensive to explore while on a trip to this destination.

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What if I tell you that exploring the best of Los Angeles is not so daunting and expensive affair? Well, the most of you will not believe it. However, the real truth lies in the below-mentioned guide that assists you in visiting Los Angeles on a budget.

Different Ways to Travel Los Angeles in an Economical Manner

Before, we start this guide off, have advance travel planning to Los Angeles to remain on a budget spree.

So, lets take on this guide…

Different Ways to Get Around Los Angeles LA
Getting stick to a pre-planned itinerary fully depends on the way you commute in the city. Since Los Angeles is big and sprawling with having a major chunk of a traffic jam involved on every single strict. So, picking up an economical and fast traveling medium is necessary to get around easily. In this matter, Los Angeles’s MTA buses and trains and LA metro appears as an ideal option to move around the vibrant city economically. If the budget allows, then think about renting a car but cautious of the city’s high traffic condition.

Where to Eat in Los Angeles at Cheap

Satiating the hunger within a few dollars is something that you learn here. Los Angeles which has no less of luxury dining areas and party hubs all around (especially for meeting celebrities demand all around the year) also has numerous budget eating options for travelers. Keep your options varied among Noodle Bowl, Crispy Taco, Quarter Bird, Fried Chicken with honey Sandwich, Pupusa, and much more.

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Where to Stay in Los Angeles within Budget

Traveling to Los Angeles for 2,3 or many days you want surely levy heavily on a budget if you wish to stay at a location like Beverly Hills or something like that. Save on pocket by referring to hostels. Couchsurfing is an interesting option to choose from that sure to save much on your budget.

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Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

Luckily for budget travelers like you and me, Los Angeles has no shortage of free attractions. Hit the following places if saving money, a major concern.

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  • Stroll around Santa Monica Pier and Beach
  • Walk along Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beach Boardwalk and Canals
  • Enjoy the scenic views of Griffith Observatory
  • Hop around the Grand Central Market for free
  • Explore free museums of Los Angeles including California Science Center, Hammer Museum, The Getty, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, Museum with Free Days, and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Bottom Line

Now that the path to Los Angeles could be an economical affair though our helpful guide, wait no more to book plane tickets to Los Angeles and fulfill the dream of exploring La La Land of the world.