The city of Orlando has a unique characteristic of its own which is ideally defined as the family-friendly city of Florida. Of course, it is due to having an abundant choice of theme parks, Universal Studios, museums, aquarium, and various others kid’s friendly destinations.

Being a traveler it is the genuine state of mind to first head out for popular attractions within a specific time frame. In case, a certain time is left, then plan to visit not so popular yet attractive spaces of Orlando. This gives an experience more than that of a tourist but of a real-life globe trekker.

If planning to book plane tickets to Orlando anytime soon, then how about taking a different route towards the city. This means to have that exploration pleasure of off-beat attractions that are we are going to take you through in the following section.

  • Frozen Bar

Have you ever tried the experience of a completely frozen ice bar? If not, then here is your chance to find one here in Orlando serving a wide range of drinks under the backdrop of shivering cold ice everywhere. Also note, there are only 30 in total all across the world and Orlando is one among them.

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  • Gatorland Island

Having a fascination for wildlife will definitely make you visit the crocodile and alligators house of Gatorland Island.  Live playing and activity show of thousands of large-size lizards sure to run a feeling of fear through nerves yet provide non-stop entertainment.

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  • Medieval Times Kissimmee

Non-stop entertainment and lip-smacking dining go hand in hand here at the Medieval Times Kissimmee. One of a kind attractions having live shows of varied human artist that is best to view while having a sumptuous dining pleasure on the stands itself. Moreover, architecturally rich castle venue of the attraction sure to catch your attention.

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  • Shingle Creek

Head out in nature and experience the slow-moving pleasure of kayaking at the Shingle Creek. More like an off-beat activity in Orlando as compared to amusement park ride. This helps you get connected with nature and stay away from the loud hustle of the city center.

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  • Escape Games

If not heard of it, then do go up for the same in Orlando. Escape the room game is an indoor activity meant for singles and groups to go under the skin of a true brainer and solve a range of mysteries, puzzles, and clues. Go for the same if like to enrich the level of thinking and problem-solving appeal.

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There is no end to off-beat excursions in Orlando and you can at least try few of them apart from landing at popular attractions. Therefore, get your plane tickets to Orlando booked from a reliable platform using versatile deals and offers to lower the cost of the booking.