Have you ever thought about this as what compels a traveler to visit a particular country, a state or a city? Even if what attracts you the most about different regions spreading across the world. It could be like the sun-kissed beaches, magnetic nightlife, vibrant food tour, historically rich museum excursion or anything that you have in mind.

 While referring to visit Atlanta and book reasonable plane tickets, then definitely there could be few reasons that compel you the same.

It can be because plane tickets to Atlanta are available at discounted rates both for domestic and international travelers. Another reason could be the range of attractions that the city has to offer like nowhere else in the whole world.

If that is the case, then necessary is to check out the appealing attractions of Atlanta mentioned as follows:

  • World of Coca Cola

Millions every single come up for this only one Coca Cola museum in the world. A wonderful site to catch the glimpses of the whole processes of manufacturing and bottling Coca Cola. On the other side, the tasting section is much preferred by the travelers to have that sumptuous pleasure of more than 100 different taste of drinks.

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  • Georgia Aquarium

Georgia’s largest-ever aquarium is something not to miss in Atlanta visit. The premises is big and featured more than 100,000 aquatic species inside highly protected tanks for the display of general travelers. To your surprise, a large size water tank is separate for witnessing the sight whale sharks that sure to make your day.

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  • Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site

History and political lovers do have much respect and appreciation for the popular Martin Luther King. Well, in that case, this is the birthplace site of the famous figure where you can pay a tribute and know early life of figure by referring to books in the library.

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  • Fox Theatre

Old is really gold in Atlanta and one of the best examples of this is 1920 built Fox Theatre. Since inception, the theatre witnessed both glorifying and depressed parts of the Atlanta history and still possess as a great source of entertainment for people. Movie shows, opera, ballet, and rock concerts are a common practice of the theatre.

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  • Stone Mountain Park

One of the biggest ever stone site of the world is in Atlanta as the Stone Mountain Park. 825 feet of wide size stone offers a panoramic view of the whole site. The green lush area around and a travel rush during summer sure to make you visit the spot.

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Have a gala time in Atlanta after finding what is in store for you! Check out places that have a unique characteristic and history of its own.