Established in August 1990, the World of Coca-Cola is a museum tracing the journey of the Coca-Cola Company. The museum boasts about the invention of Coca-Cola by a local pharmacist John Smith Pemberton. The original site was set up at Underground Atlanta dedicated to the rich legacy of the giant multinational corporation.

An 8-acre Coca‑Cola Olympic City was set up during the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta. This interactive venue displayed virtual reality sports based on several Olympic Games. Coca‑Cola Olympic City gained immense popularity among fans from around the world.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the World of Coca-Cola:

  • Connection with Georgia Aquarium: In the year 2002, The Marcus Foundation received a portion of land from the Coca-Cola Company to develop the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium features more than 95,000 animals and hundreds of species. Later, the Coca-Cola Company proposed to build a new World of Coca-Cola site close to the Georgia Aquarium.
  • World of Coca-Cola has its own App: No surprises! the World of Coca-Cola has its own mobile App to allow visitors to navigate the museum like never before. World of Coca-Cola Explorer mobile App presents enthralling facts about the company and its products. The App keeps the guests engaged while acting as an efficient tour guide.
  • Twelve millionth guest: The Coca-Cola Company revealed the new world of Coca-Cola architectural furnishings in 2004.  In the same year, the World of Coca-Cola received its twelve millionth visitor making it one of the most visited attractions in Georgia.
  • Pictures with Coca-Cola Polar Bear: Most of us love clicking photographs at attractive locations or with celebrities. The World of Coca-Cola offers a photo op with Coca-Cola Polar Bear making it a super exciting event. The 7-foot Coke Panda Bear was introduced through the “Always Coca-Cola” campaign and it remains to be the primary attraction of the venue.
  • Closure of original World of Coca‑Cola: In March 2007, the Coca-Cola Company decided to close the doors of the original World of Coca‑Cola. By then, the site had welcomed more than 13 million guests making it one of the most visited venues of the city.
  • Create your own Coke Art: You may not produce a bottle of the Coca-Cola drink at your home but you can surely create your coke bottle at the World of Coca-Cola. The venue allows its guests to create coke art through an interactive art display named “My Coke Art.”
  • Take a look at the bottling process: The World of Coca-Cola lets its visitors explore several things including the processing of bottles. The site houses a mini replica of the production plant offering its guests to view the bottling process. The system has been deliberately made to process just 20 bottles a minute to let viewers see through naked eyes.
  • Get a free coke: The World of Coca-Cola visit will get you free coke at the end of the tour.
  • “Folk Art” Coke Bottles at the lobby: The 1996 Summer Olympics not only brought about several changes to the city of Atlanta but it also had a significant impact on the World of Coca-Cola. Artists representing various countries created Coke bottles commemorating the cultures of their countries. These bottles featuring “Folk Arts” lie in the lobby and they get the visitors engaged locating their country’s bottles.
  • Don’t miss the 100 Coke flavors: Who on earth would not like to taste 100 flavors of Coca-Cola? The venue lets you taste 100 Coke flavors from around the world.

The journey of the Coca-Cola Company is as fascinating and engaging as its bottles are. There are so many items at the museum relating to the development of the company. Get immersed into the rich legacy of the Coca-Cola Company as you opt for round trip tickets to Atlanta on a budget on Tripiflights.