New York’s freedom and liberty symbol is none other than the famous Statue of Liberty that made its presence felt since 1886. A welcoming lady of the liberty is standing tall on New York Bay and let travelers connect with her to enter the magnificent world of New York.

The history related to the Liberty Statue is interesting to know about and you should have that zeal to witness the stories and preparations made behind the larger the life sculpture in the history of America.

 So, let’s start the pursuit of knowing some unknown facts related to the idea and creation of the Statue of Liberty.

Generation of an Idea

The iconic Lady Liberty is basically a gift to America from France in order to show up the rising share of democracy and abolition of slavery. A kind of centennial gift idea was generated after having a mutual set of friendship between the US and French counterparts. Back then, French sculptor named as Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was given the responsibility to create a large size masterpiece of liberty that needs to be gifted to the New York Bay of the US.

The decision was made because Bartholdi was an artistic set of individuals having prior experience in creating large-size structures. For years, Bartholdi and teammates got into the process of creating the first outer structure of the statue and then start working on 350 different pieces of the statue made from mainly copper material.

Fund Raising Activity for the Successful Completion

Though it took years for the financial unveiling of the statue due to lack of funds. Both America and France started raising funds from the general public to finance the whole process of creation. At first, raised funds are not enough to complete the sculpture work within the giving time, but later Joseph Pulitzer, the publisher of The World in the New York City took the initiative of increasing fund-raising amount.

Joseph Pulitzer made efforts using several awards, debates, quizzes, and other advertising methods to start collecting funds from general individuals that went successful after a brief period of time. Followed by, he started printing the name of money givers in the newspaper that led to further popularity of the first-ever crowdfunding campaign.

The Final Nail in the Coffin

Finally, in 1885, Bartholdi was able to complete structure after facing many ups and downs. France then transported 350 different pieces of the statue via the Atlantic Ocean that was joined and assembled together for public showing.

Lastly, in 1886, President Grover Cleveland unveiled the statue in front of thousands of individuals.

Let the history of the Statue of Liberty be folded live before the eyes when you visit New York and check out each and every fact of it. So, get your plane tickets to New York to be booked and ready for you to embark on a fascinating and historically rich journey ahead.